Nutrition and Health Benefits of Dried Apricots

The health benefits and uses of dried apricots

1. Apricots are delicious yellow fruits which have been grown and eaten since ancient times. These are often dried keep them fresh and are extremely tasty. They have some excellent health benefits for the human body

2. Dried apricots contain a high amount of vitamin a. This antioxidant protects the eyesight and prevents macular degeneration with age.

3. Those who suffer from anaemia can eat these to boost iron and copper levels. These minerals boost haemoglobin in the blood.

4. Vitamin K in apricots helps the blood to coagulate when you are bleeding. If you have an injury your body can stop the bleeding naturally to prevent you from bleeding out.

5. Pregnant women are advised to eat these moderately as a healthy snack. They help to keep a healthy hormone balance.

6. They can be mashed into a paste and used to treat vaginal infections such as yeast or bacteria overgrowth.

7. The potassium within apricots helps to regulate the heartbeat. This also regulates fluid in the body to prevent swelling and poor circulation.

8. In fact, there is three times more potassium in a dried apricot than a banana. This works to balance salt and sodium levels, protecting the body against heart disease.

9. Poor vision and macular degeneration are caused by free radicals and the ageing process. Foods rich in vitamin A such as dried apricots prevent free radical damage and maintain the health of the eyes.

10. Many people who suffer from lung problems such as asthma or bronchitis often eat dried apricots as they are said to promote easier breathing.

11. The vitamin C boosts the body’s immune system, making you more resistant to diseases and infections such as cold and flu.

12. A delicious sauce can be made by roasting lamb with grapes and dried apricots. The juices from the meat can be made into a delicious sweet gravy, packed full of nutrients.

13. The concentrated nutrients protect the skin from excessive damage with age. The antioxidants destroy free radicals keeping the skin looking radiant and young.

14. The vitamins and minerals also work to strengthen hair follicles that are growing from the scalp. Over time the hair becomes stronger, thicker and less likely to break at the ends.