10 Amazing Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil for Face, Skin and Hair

The health benefits of rosehip seed oil, and how to use this for your skin.

1. There are beauty products available to improve and tighten the skin, however, many celebrities use rosehip seed oil.

2. Rosehip Seed Oil a completely natural oil which was used by the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans and Native Americans for its healing properties.

3. Unlike many other oils, this rosehip oil is non-greasy and doesn’t feel as heavy when applied to the skin. This makes it soak into the skin faster and easier.

4. It is excellent for those with sensitive skin and is well known for its anti-ageing properties. When applied regularly the skin retains youth and elasticity.

5. Many in the beauty industry have claimed that this is as powerful as botox.

6. The Vitamin A, C and lycopene within the rosehip oil, helps to repair the surface of the skin from blemishes, pimples, dermatitis, age spots and sun damage.

7. Those who have scars from acne, can use this wonderful oil to heal the skin, and even out red areas.

8. This, in turn, slows down the appearance of ageing, making wrinkles much less likely to occur.

9. Vitamin A also works with the essential fatty acids in the oil to create an even skin tone, reducing pigmentation.

10. Those who suffer from eczema have found that rosehip oil works wonders in hydrating the skin and easing the condition.

11. It can also be used on the scalp to rapidly heal dry scalp, dandruff and itchiness.

12. These seeds are usually grown and harvested in Chile from a specific type of rose bush. They are then cold-pressed to extract the oil, which preserves their antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

13. Some people believe that this smells like rose flowers, however, it has more of a woody aroma as it is made from the hips of the plant.

14. Research has also shown that rose hips can ease rheumatoid arthritis pain and improve mobility by 25 per cent.

How To Use Rosehip Seed Oil To use this on the scalp to treat dryness and irritation, simply add a few drops to your favourite shampoo, massage into the scalp and let sit for 2 hours before rinsing. As a massage oil for arthritis and muscle pain, mix a few drops with some carrier oil and massage the skin using circular motions. To treat skin conditions, use a mild soap to clean the skin and then use a cotton pad to rub as much rosehip seed oil as needed onto the affected areas such as the face, neck, arms and legs.