15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit

The health benefits and uses of guava fruit.

1. Guava is a delicious fruit which is grown in warm climates including Africa, Asia, Mexico and Central America. Once harvested they can be eaten or juiced to create a health tonic.

2. These fruits are very tasty and have some excellent health benefits for the human body. They also contain healthy nutrients and minerals.

3. Eating this fruit or drinking its juice helps to treat bleeding gums as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. The fruit also works as a natural laxative for those who are suffering with constipation. The high fibre content speeds up digestion.

5. Eating this daily helps to boost your metabolism and trigger weight loss. This fruit does not have too much sugar in it, making it the perfect snack.

6. This fruit is high in Vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system and protect the body against cold, flu and infections.

7. The high volume of antioxidants also helps to keep the skin looking young and vibrant. 8. Both guava leaves and guava fruit work to regulate blood pressure, by lowering overall cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

9. The high amount of antioxidants and vitamins help to protect the heart against damage from free radicals.

10. A study with 197 women showed that guava leaf extract can be used to reduce the pain during a period or menstruation.

11. In some areas of the world, guava is blended to make a thick paste, sugar is added and “guava cheese” is made by baking.

12. We recommend slicing guava thinly and adding to salads to add a unique and tasty freshness to the bowl.

13. In Hawaii fresh guava juice is very commonly served in bars and restaurants. This juice is sometimes infused with gelatin to make a tasty jelly.

14. Guava’s come in different shapes and sizes around the world. Each contains a different shade of flesh within. Most of which are pink, red, magenta or ruby, but some contain green flesh.

15. The skin and seeds of the guava fruit are safe to eat and contain concentrated flavonoids which improve the overall health of your body.