Ginger Honey Water for Weight Loss and Health Benefits

The health benefits of drinking ginger and honey water every day, and a simple recipe to use at home.

1. Ginger is a well-known spice which has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy to help the body to heal from colds and infections.

2. When raw organic honey is mixed with ginger, it creates a very powerful tonic which can boost the immune system and make your body stronger and healthier.

3. Today’s recipe is used to create a simple tea which can be consumed hot or cold. A gentleman lived to be 104 years old drinking this every single day.

4. The Raw honey is extremely high in antioxidants and works with a compound called gingerol to lower inflammation throughout your body.

Let’s take a look at the recipe You Will Need 1 Cup of Water (250ml) 1.5 Inch Fresh Sliced Ginger 1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey 1 Squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice (Optional)

Method: Bring to water to the boil in a pan and lower the heat. Add the sliced ginger and honey and give the mixture a good stir. Let this simmer for 15 minutes and make sure the pan is covered to prevent the water from evaporating. Strain the mixture and serve. This makes enough for one serving. You can make this in bulk and store in the refrigerator to enjoy cold if you wish, or simply drink it straight away.

5. Many people love to drink this in the morning, especially in colder countries as ginger has a warming effect on the body. This is excellent for both the young and elderly.

6. The tea serves to cleanse the lymphatic system of the body, and improves lung function, helping you to breathe easier. Ex-smokers can use this as a way of healing the lungs.

7. The ginger helps you to absorb more nutrients from your food, giving you more energy and vitality. This also triggers fat burning hormones which cause fat deposits to shed.

8. If you ever suffer from a runny nose, sore throat, cough or common cold, you can drink as a natural cure. This works to clear the respiratory system of mucus and soothe the throat, by lowering inflammation.

9. Cancer patients also use ginger and honey tea to reduce vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy. The same effect works on pregnant women with morning sickness.

10. The nutrients help to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines. These break down your foods and help the digestion process for regular bowel movements.

If you often suffer from bloating or gas, you may find that drinking this tea on a daily basis will reduce the problem and soothe stomach conditions such as diarrhoea. Another excellent benefit of this tonic is that is gets rid of migraines and painful headaches. Simply brew a cup whenever you feel the need. The antioxidant properties also help to promote heart health and can reduce cholesterol when consumed over a longer period of time. Try drinking this once a day for 7 days.